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Git Guild's Mission

Open source projects are notoriously hard to monetize and organize. “Herding cats” is an analogy often heard. Conversely, corporate bureaucracy is often an expensive externality which can undermine the founding principles of a software project.

The emergence of cryptographic implements, such as PGP and Bitcoin, have created a new paradigm which enables the minimization of resource intensive externalities and allows individuals leading open source projects to focus on code quality.

Git Guild is a meritocractic governance model focused on improving the organization and monetization of open source software development. Git Guild is a means to enable transparency, accountability, quality control and renumeration between freely associating individuals.


A guild is formed upon two or more individuals PGP signing a Charter that specifies the purpose of a software project and the rules that govern the development of the project. These can include definitions of membership, roles, responsibilities, code quality standards, monetary policy, etc. Any flexibility, such as fee allocation or amount, ammendment to election or membership bylaws, monetary policy changes, and the protocol itself must have their scopes and abilities defined.

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The guild will be able to manage project budgets via multi-signature cryptocurrency wallets. For example, if the organization has 9 code reviewers, a 5 of 9 multisig Bitcoin wallet could be created, and a majority of the reviewers would need to sign off on any payments. To continue the example, a developer could submit a pull request in response to a bounty. If 5 of the 9 reviewers agree that the pull request is satisfactory, the payment will be made.

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Many industries evolve their own unique contract terms and clauses. To the extent that they can be described in algorithmic terms, they can be programmed into smart contracts and approved by the Guild for use in the network. Once a contract type has been approved, transactions using it can be created, and arbitrated accordingly. For example, lets take a simple fee for service model. This is a contract type that almost all Guilds would allow.

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Peer review is a foundational aspect of the scientific method. Computer scientists are arguably the most meticulous of all about maintaining and tracking each and every contribution. Specifically, version control systems such as Git support near perfect accounting of contributions to documents of a wide variety of formats. As there are already tens of millions of open source developers out there, arguably representing billions of USD worth of value, this is a huge sector going untapped and undeveloped.

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