November 25, 2015

A guild is formed upon two or more individuals PGP signing a Charter that specifies the purpose of a software project and the rules that govern the development of the project. These can include definitions of membership, roles, responsibilities, code quality standards, monetary policy, etc. Any flexibility, such as fee allocation or amount, ammendment to election or membership bylaws, monetary policy changes, and the protocol itself must have their scopes and abilities defined.

Git and PGP have been chosen as the basis for the workflow and cryptographic signatures respectively because these technologies are already widely used in open source projects.

Dash provides a powerful and flexible governance model to base Git Guild off of. Just like Dash masternodes, certain Guild members will be empowered by the network to perform jobs, cast votes on various issues, and may be eligible to recieve a portion of network fees in return. Just like Dash masternodes, it is recommended that these empowered members be required to put up some collateral and perform their duties consistently and in a peer-reviewable manner.